The Center Of The Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes But Home Is Where The Heart Is

Who or what are we really?


If you can quiet the chatter of your “monkey mind” long enough to examine your inner life with some objectivity, and pay close attention to what goes on there, you will become aware of how quickly it can change from instant to instant depending on what is happening in the moment (time) and the context (space).


In truth each of us are our own unique mercurial mixture of identities that we created from the center of our personal universe where we exist in the center of a choice between conscious responsible action that influences our thoughts, beliefs, and actions both inside and outside of us, or we can surrender and be victims to fear based programmed re-actions.


This ground zero choice point has the potential to provide a glimpse into the concept that the center of the universe is right between your eyes. Read this book if you want to explore the possibility of freeing your spirit, finding your way home, and reclaiming your inheritance as the creator you were meant to be.







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