Fueled by breakthroughs in technology and neuroscience, the terminally ill, while in an induced


slumber, in a pain-free, medically supervised environment, can literally dream their lives away in pre-programmed situations of their choosing, controlled by a super computer.


The well-meaning creators of computer generated dreaming plan to conquer the stigma of death by making its wonders available to all, so people can die in vivid, pre-programmed dream surroundings, reliving blissful moments from their past.


All goes according to plan until the dream of DreamLand is shattered by the profit-seeking backer of the project who plans to make the miracle of programmed dreaming into the ultimate theme park. For the price of admission, anyone can participate in great moments from sports or history, or enjoy recreated fantasies of their choosing. Children can become a part of their favorite fairytale.


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