Mystic Ink Publishing Launches Supernatural Thriller “Eye Of The Predator” in Spanish

A Brilliant Young Zoologist’s Quest For Truth Leads Him Into A Murky World Of Magical Plants And Ancient Shamanic Rituals That Ultimately Bring Him Face To Face With The Enigmatic Mystery Of His Past
El Ojo del Depredador
El Ojo del Depredador

SAN DIEGO – May 9, 2017 – PRLog — Matthew J. Pallamary’s latest supernatural thriller, “Eye of the Predator” which was an Award Winning Finalist in the International Book Awards will be released by Mystic Ink Publishing in print and e-book formats from booksellers worldwide in Spanish.

Set in San Diego and in California’s High Sierras, Pallamary’s thriller tells the story of Erik Simpson, a brilliant young zoologist who has no memory of his life before the age of sixteen. Trained by his aging foster father, a world renowned zoologist, Erik astounds his colleagues with his insights into animal behavior.

As his thirtieth birthday approaches, Erik has a recurring dream of being hunted by a black jaguar. One night he dreams of the hunt, first as an observer, then as the jaguar itself on the prowl in California’s High Sierras where he mauls campers in a savage frenzy.

His quest for the truth leads him into a murky world of magical plants and ancient shamanic rituals that ultimately bring him face to face with the enigmatic mystery of his past.

Pallamary’s historical novel Land Without Evil received rave reviews, and was adapted into a multimedia aerial extravaganza, directed by Sarah Agent Red Johnston and performed by acrobatic troupe, Sky Candy to sold out audiences. The making of the show, filmed as a PBS episode of Arts in Context, garnered an EMMY nomination. It is now available in Spanish as La Tierra Sin Mal, which was also translated by Rosina Iglesias.

His memoir Spirit Matters, detailing his journeys to the jungles of Peru, took top honors in the San Diego Book Awards’ Spiritual Book Category, and was an Award-Winning Finalist in the National Best Book Awards. It was also released as an audio book, narrated by the author.

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